Amber Woods & Blossom Gel Candle


This collection of scented candles is inspired by Nature. Elegant glass tumbles are filled by hand with real fruit, spices, shells and delicate nature botanicals, all blended with luxury finely crafted fragrances.

Fragrance Notes

Dark and enigmatic amber, balsam and decadent woods & layered with precious florals jasmine and rose brushed with sultry spices of ginger and cardamom create an opulent and mysteriously rich oriental composition.

Burn time - 30 Hours
Made in UK

Stoneglow's scented candle collections are handmade, with each piece featuring unique details. Small irregularities are a characteristic of these collections. All are made with natural flowers/botanical/fruits, meaning that texture and colour can vary per harvest or source. This only adds to the charm of the products and set them apart from mass produced, machine-made candles and diffusers.