Come Fly With Me Felt Mobile


Beautifully detailed 3D aeroplanes with stars on the wings.

Designed to be a stand out addition to your baby's nursery it will not only capture their attention but everyone else's who enters the room! Each plane, shape and ball is made with 100% wool felt and the plane's are filled with hypoallergenic polyfibre filling.
Completely hand crafted and ethically made this has been made to look great from every angle .

• All animals, balls and shapes are made from all 100% wool felt
• Includes over 1.5 metre string length for hanging
• The mobile has a diameter of 25cm and is 45-50cm in height
Each plane measures approx 13cm long and 11cm wide (wingtip to wingtip)          and clouds measure approx 8cm across by 5cm high
• Felt balls are diameters of 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm and stars are 4-5cm wide
• Felt balls are secure but not knotted in place so you can customise the position if you wish