Dummy Clip Collection


Lulu+Lala dummy chains are:

• thin
• lightweight
• super flexible
• non-toxic

They feature beautiful smooth silicone clips, these are perfect for wiping clean.

Our dummy chains (soother holders) have been tested and certified to EN12586.

Dummy Chain Safety and Care
Dummy Chains must not be altered or lengthened in any way. Dummy holders must only be used for attaching dummies, not teethers or toys.

Always supervise your child when using a dummy chain. They are not toys, and are not designed for chewing or to be used as a teething toy. Further safety information provided with product.

Care Instructions
To keep clean wipe over with a damp cloth.

Do not fully submerge wooden beads or clip in water as this may cause damage. Wooden beads can be coated in food grade oil for longevity.