Prisma Geometric Photo Frame - White


Prisma is a contemporary, unique geometric frame, with slim wiring, that seamlessly contours the chosen image, drawing, illustration, or graphic text. Resting comfortably between two sturdy panes of glass, the frame creates a floating effect and adds a degree of dimension and depth. The wires can be seen through the front of the frame, allowing for an ultra-modern display. Prisma frame can be oriented in a multitude of arrangements, including hanging or sitting, vertical or horizontal, and placed on a table or mounted on the wall. This prismatic wire frame can be easily integrated into any style of décor.

Modern Photo Frame: Prisma’s geometric shape picture frames are both decorative and functional. Whether you choose to display them vertically or horizontally, on a table top or hung on your wall, Prisma adds a dimensional component to an otherwise flat picture display

Floating Image Design: Prisma’s innovative design floats your photo between two panes of glass, while allowing the geometric frame to show through. This creates an impressive, eye-catching display for your favourite photos

4x4" - 15 L x 15 W x 7 H cm
4x6" - 20 L x 15 W x 7 H cm
5x7" - 23 L x 8 W x 7 H cm
8x10" - 30.5 L x 25 W x 7.5 H cm

All measurement are approx

Available in black and white