Tesora Storage Box


Featuring two tiers that can be stacked or separated, this jewellery box is the perfect addition to help store and organise your accessory Collection. This storage box is fabric-lined and has a padded base to protect your jewellery and your tabletop or counter from damage. The Tesora’s plated metal lid doubles as a tray to store and display easily accessible accessories. Its two-tiered stacking design makes this a versatile storage solution that can be stacked on top of one another to save room or kept separately. Its perfect size makes it easy to place by your bedside table for easy access and to ensure your jewellery does not get lost.

Modern Design: Umbra’s Tesora uses unexpected materials to create a modern jewellery box that is as beautiful as it is functional. Measuring 4-1/2-inches high with a 5-inch diameter, the plated metal lid and two-tiered box design is bound to have a visual impact on your modern decor

Two-Tier Storage: have fun – stack them, separate them, or place the bowls side-by-side, Tesora Jewellery Box is a fun and versatile way to keep your favourite jewellery, including rings, broaches and any other accessories, safe and organised

Versatile & Expandable: Tesora’s lid is made from plated metal and doubles as a display tray that can be used to sort or display your jewellery. 

Soft Fabric Lining and Padded Base: No more scratching – each of tesora’s boxes feature a thick padded base and soft fabric lining that that protects your jewellery, and your counter or table top, from unwanted scratches

13 L x 13 W x 12 H cm