Awoof Wash


Introducing Awoof Wash! Ashley & Co's first release from their new Pet Care line. Every sprightly and spirited pup deserves a top-notch wash, and now they can get it! 100% natural, loaded with plant-based oils and extracts that both cleanse and soothe pup’s coat - without stripping it of its natural, doggy goodness.

For those with a keen nose, Ashley & Co's Awoof Wash brand-new fragrance, Doug, Dug & Dug. Crab Apple, Wild Iris and Rose mingle with the freshness of Pineapple, Rhubarb and Cut Grass…get your pup ready for an up-close snuggle.

Botanical fresh first, Ashley & Co's carefully select botanicals and plant-based essential oils not only for scent, but to deliver the most beneficial, nourishing and protective qualities. Awoof Wash is low-irritant and soothing for all dog breeds (and kind to owners hands too).