CS Eyewear Matilda Tort


Elevate your eyewear game with our thick and funky Matilda blue light reading glasses. Designed for those who dare to stand out, these glasses blend style and functionality seamlessly. The vibrant and daring frames add a streak of personality to your look, while the crafted lenses ensure optimal clarity for your reading pleasure. Matilda is available in 4 unique colours.


• Both frame and lens is made of polycarbonate.
• Clean your lenses and frame regularly with water and a drop of mild liquid lotion-free soap.
• Gently shake off water drops — dry your lenses with a soft, clean microfibre lens or lint-free cotton cloth.
• Keep your glasses away from household detergents and beauty products such as hairspray and perfume. These can damage lenses and coatings.
• Use both hands when you put on and take off your glasses.
• Store your glasses in the provided pouch.