Fromagerie Assorted Cheese Knife


Cheese lovers will appreciate the Tempa Fromagerie Cheese Knife range. Ideal for effortless cutting and slicing of your favourite cheese.

• Made from stainless steel and acacia wood 
• Comfortable grip 
• Cut, slice and serve cheese
• Gift boxed ready for gifting

• Cheese Spreader - the long and wide blade on this knife provides a large surface area for easy spreading of soft cheeses, dips or antipasto.

• Soft Cheese Knife - the holes in the blade of this knife have been designed to reduce friction and prevent sticking. The knife also features a forked tip that can be used for serving.

• Cheese Slicer - the cheese slicer will easily shave thin slices of hard or semi-hard cheeses. Use this knife to create cheese shavings to top off pasta and salads, or use it to make cheese slices for sandwich fillings.

• Parmesan Cheese Knife - the short and strong blade of this knife is excellent for breaking off wedges of hard cheeses like parmesan.

• Cheese Hatchet - the cleaver is a tough knife that is ideal for cutting chunks of thick and hard cheeses.

• Brie Knife - this sharp blade will neatly cut through soft Brie. The offset design of this knife allows for an easy cut while not distorting the soft cheese out of its curst.