Orbitkey Crazy Horse Leather


Crazy Horse is a specially-treated wax coated leather with a vintage, worn-in appearance which ages beautifully over time. For this reason, it’s grown in popularity amongst leather and fashion enthusiasts who embrace the natural, ever-changing characteristics of leather.

Our hands produce natural oils which each band absorbs. With every touch, you restore colour and add smoothness. Minor scuffs will disappear in time and flexing the band itself will renew its colouring. This new leather will develop patina much more than our existing leather range. It will eventually get darker and shinier as it reacts to the environment it’s put in combined with our daily use. It’s designed to look natural and feel mature.

Is Crazy Horse Leather made from horse leather?

Unlike what the name might indicate, this type of leather is not made of horse hides. Rather, its name originates from a history of being used in horse saddles. We use full-grain cowhide leather.

 Care & Repair

No special treatment is required. Your Key Organiser will hold up for all your journeys ahead. The wax that is applied to the leather adds to the durability. Even as it changes colour and darkens, the strength of the leather remains the same. Take care to avoid rubbing the band excessively or using alcohol based wipes.