Piece House Puzzle - Serenity


Premium quality adult jigsaw puzzle
Artwork by New Zealand artist Maria Francesca Melis
Finished size: 75 x 52cm 

A bucolic representation of a dreamy summer day with a sprinkling of imagination, this artwork is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, famous for its crystal clear waters. The fish designs incorporate swirling and abstract shapes, sinuous lines, and wild colours, while the frame is a tribute to Sardinia’s majestic handmade textile heritage.

About the Artist
New Zealand graphic designer and multidisciplinary creative Francesca Melis.

Bright pop colour palettes, vintage 60s and 70s designs, Victorian botanical prints and medieval iconography are all ingredients in Francesca’s work, as she celebrates vivid memories of her childhood, spent in close contact with nature and animals. The incorporation of Sardinian decorative art honours the rich cultural heritage of her island homeland.