The Hairy Dog Deluxe Grooming Kit


Introducing The Hairy Dog Deluxe Grooming Kit - This kit holds a curated collection of exquisite eco-friendly handmade wooden grooming tools, arranged within a sleek and breathable bag, in beautiful packaging, making it the perfect gift choice for cat and dog owners, or for yourself.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pet owner, this kit equips you with all the essentials to keep your dog's or cat's appearance sleek and stylish. The tools in the kit are chosen for their functionality and durability, each serving a specific purpose:

1 x Hairy Multi-Brush - For brushing and enhancing shine, 1 x Hairy Slicker Brush - Ideal for removing loose hair, 1 x Hairy Shedding Rake - Effectively thins the undercoat, 1 x Hairy Comb - An all-purpose grooming tool, 1 x Hairy Nail Scissors - Designed for precise nail and dew claw trimming, 1 x Hairy Dog Bag - Storage and transportation.


  • Slicker - Fine Durable Stainless Steel Needles

  • Brush - Stainless Steel Needles with Protective Ball Tips

  • Scissors - Exceptionally Sharp Stainless Steel

  • Rake - Exceptionally Sharp Stainless Steel Blade

  • Comb - Stainless Steel Needles

  • Bag - Breathable

  • Premium Beach and Walnut Wood

  • Eco Conscious Design

  • Ergonomic Feel and Control 

  • Suitable for Small to Medium Sized Dogs and Cats