Thirsty Dog Bottle


The Original Thirsty Dog Bottle is a sleek and reusable drink bottle is specifically crafted for your beloved pet. With its capacity to hold 550ml of refreshing freshwater, you can now effortlessly hydrate dogs of all sizes while on the move, all while exuding a sense of sophistication.

Reuse any water your dog doesn't drink by simply pressing the large button and slowly tipping the bottle upward to let the water flow back in for next time.

Bottle Features

  • 550ML Volume

  • High Quality BPA Free Plastic

  • Leak Proof

  • Ergonomic Feel

  • Suitable for Small to Large Dogs

  • Comes in a premium box making a great gift 


To train your dog to use the Thirsty Dog Bottle. Place a small treat in the cup to start.

Too fill with water, unscrew the cup anti-clockwise from the bottle.

Switch the small button right to display green to unlock the button.

Press the large button while gently tilting the bottle forward, allowing the gentle force of gravity to naturally fill the cup.

Minimize water wastage by pressing the large button again.

With a gradual tilt of the bottle upwards, ensuring you can use it again next time.